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02 August 2011 @ 01:20 pm
A Song of Ice and Fire Fic Index  
Beautiful Is the Mother
After the birth of their children, Sansa makes a rather surprising confession to Tyrion about her fears. (Companion to Of the Fathers' Love Begotten) [PG-13, 3308 words]
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Before the Queen
When Tyrion divulges one of Jorah's secrets to Daenerys, Jorah discovers that the queen keeps a few of her own. [post-ADWD: PG-13, 1277 words]
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Bride of the Dragon
Dany was always meant for Viserys. [AGOT: R, 1444 words]
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The Burial of the Dead
Ser Jorah helps Dany lay her brother to rest, and out of the ashes rise new dreams of honor and glory for both the khaleesi and her knight. [GoT: PG-13, 4390 words]
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His eyes were on her breasts. Dany covered them with her hands, before her nipples could betray her. "I...that was not fitting. I am your queen." Jorah's kiss ignites something in Dany that can't be extinguished by their proper knight-queen relationship. [ASOS/AU: R, 2152 words]
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The House of the Undying changes Dany, and Jorah notices. [TV!verse, post-2x10: PG, 1061 words]
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Death by Water
When all seems lost, Dany's faithful knight brings succor. [ADWD: PG, 468 words]
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The Dragon's Breath
A kiss sets Ser Jorah on fire. [ASOS: R, 487 words]
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The Fire Sermon
Khal Drogo is dead, and Ser Jorah Mormont is making plans. [AGOT: PG, 350 words]
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Queen Daenerys sees an altered but familiar face in the fighting pits of Meereen… [ADWD AU: R, 2327 words]
Winner of the AU Fanfic Contest at tourneyohand, January 2012
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A wise queen builds her castle upon the rock. Sansa learns the hard way. [AGOT: PG-13, 235 words]
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The Handmaids' Tale
After Jorah's startling revelation, Dany is equally surprised to learn what her handmaids think of her faithful knight. [TV!verse, post-2x5: PG, 1540 words]
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Heart of the Dragon
As Jorah helps Dany prepare to eat a horse's heart, his own undergoes an unexpected transformation. [GoT (TV-verse): PG-13, 6031 words]
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I Should Have Kissed You
"I should have kissed you in Qarth, in Vaes Tolorro. I should have kissed you in the red waste, every night and every day." Jorah does what he should have done. [ACOK/AU, rated PG-13, 1400 words]

Journey's End
Ser Jorah's prayers for home are answered--in the most unexpected of ways. [AGOT: G, 353 words]
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Keeps and Kings
Dany shares a tale of her childhood, which gives Ser Jorah a glimpse of her future. [AGOT: PG, 924 words]
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Legs to Stand On
When Stannis summons the banner of House Mormont, Lyanna looks to Dacey for how to answer the call. [ADWD: G, 158 words]

Love and Beauty
Lynesse dreams of lions at the Tournament at Lannisport, but her knight in shining armor turns out to be a bear. [pre-AGOT: PG, 719 words]

The Mother of Dragons discovers the miracle of birth. [post-ADWD: PG, 100 words]

Night Terrors
Not everyone is as fond of Daenerys' children as she is. [ACOK: PG, 304 words]

Of the Fathers' Love Begotten
Impending fatherhood dredges up Tyrion’s daddy issues. But does he have the lion’s share of Tywin-inspired angst? And what surprise awaits in the birthing chamber? [PG-13, 1635 words]
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The One Left Behind
Daenerys thinks Arstan Whitebeard's the man for the job. Jorah disagrees. [ASOS: PG, 605 words]

The Right of the Queen
The queen heeds her knight's good council about certain matters not pertaining to her conquest of the Seven Kingdoms. Companion to Before the Queen. [post-ADWD: R, 2680 words]
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Set Free the Captive
Jorah escaped slavery, but remains a captive. [post-ADWD: PG, 100 words]

Shall Not Fall
The Targaryens will take Jorah home…but not in the way he first expects. [AGOT: PG-13, 1998 words] Winner of the Year of the Dragon Fanfic Contest at thetourneys.
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Silent Night
Jorah becomes the first man in living memory to hold a dragon. [AGOT/ACOK: PG, 1098 words]
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Sweeter Than Honey
"I have my own bear on Balerion," she told the translator, "and he may well eat me if I do not return to him." Dany returns to her ship, and Jorah teaches her a thing or two about bears and their habits. [ASOS/AU: NC-17, 4641 words]
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A warm moment with her husband takes Sansa back to a colder one with her sister. [post-ADWD: PG, 467 words]

Thicker Than Blood
All Sansa's brothers are dead…[post-ADWD: PG, 606 words]
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To Wash the Weary Mud Away
Jorah makes his way back to Dany...and her bathtub. [post-ADWD: PG-13, 1466 words]
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The Waste Land
In the Red Waste, Dany thirsts for more than water. [ACOK: PG-13, 214 words]
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Whose Scent the Fair Annoys
An errand with Dany brings Jorah close to home...and farther away than ever. [AGOT: PG-13, 776 words]
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Winter's Words
Sam finally delivers the message no raven could carry. [G, 671 words]
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Women's World
Three times she miscarried while trying to give me an heir. Jorah must comfort his lady wife after the first. [PG, 100 words]

A Year from Now
"Save your tears, child. Weep for him tomorrow, or a year from now. We do not have time for grief. We must go, and quickly, before he dies." Dany takes Ser Jorah's advice, setting her unborn child, her unhatched dragons, her quest for the Iron Throne, and her relationship with her faithful knight on a very different, but no less adventurous path. [AU: R, WIP]
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You Loved Me Still the Same
Their gifts were carefully chosen and presented on this, the Day of Lovers, to win the hand of the Dragon Queen, but only one of Daenerys' suitors knows the way to her heart. [R, 2645 words]
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