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03 May 2010 @ 02:52 pm
Downton Abbey Fic Index  
Another Chapter
When Mary agrees to write another chapter in the book of Haxby Park, she unexpectedly writes a new start to her story with Sir Richard. But what sort of story will it be? And will she like it? [AU: R, 14,270 words]
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*Winner: Highclere Awards, Jan-Feb 2012--Best Mary/Richard

The war at Downton Abbey comes to an end. [PG, 754 words]
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Auld Lang Syne, My Dear
"This is Haxby, and that's not how we do it here." Lady Mary Carlisle strongly disagrees with her husband. [AU: PG, 759 words]
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Bold and Modern Plumbing
When Richard shows Mary one of the newly renovated en suite bathrooms at Haxby, they both gain a new appreciation for the life they will have together. [AU: R, 2654 words]
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Bold and Modern Values
Mary's attempt to keep up with the fashion trends reveals that Richard is abreast of the social ones. [AU: R, 1695 words]
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"I promised you I'd tell you where I go, who I see, and what I say to them, didn't I?" Mary is bound to Richard, but he's not the only man she's helpless to escape. [PG-13, 3342 words]
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Campaign Trail
Mary enjoys the perks of being a politician's wife, until youthful indiscretions come to light and threaten Richard's campaign. [M, 1154 words, modern AU]

The Crawley family share a moment before Sybil makes her social début. [G, 719 words]
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Driving Lessons
A drive in the rain provides Sybil with a little insight into Branson...and herself. [PG-13, 12,218 words]
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*Winner: Highclere Awards September, 2011--Best Multi-Chapter, Best Sybil/Branson

Game of Husbands
Which high lord of Westeros will play Lady Mary of House Grantham's game? [K+, 1611 words, ASOIAF x-over AU]

A Girl in Black
I'm not as sad as I should be. That's what makes me sad. The Titanic sinks, Patrick dies, and rather than wait at home to meet the new heir of Downton, Mary tries her luck in London, where she meets Sir Richard Carlisle instead. [AU: PG-13, WIP]
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Heating Up
It's a hot day, but for Branson, it has little to do with the weather. [PG, 350 words]
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An Irishman and a Scotsman Walked Into a Pub...
When Richard escorts Mary and Edith to their sister's wedding, he and Branson inadvertently teach the Earl of Grantham's daughters about international relations and the power of the press. Set between S2E8 and the Christmas special. [PG, 2072 words]
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A Lady In Paris
1913: After a rushed autumn courtship and wedding, a honeymoon to Paris gives Mary and Richard the opportunity to see a bit more of the world, and even more of each other. Sequel to A Girl in Black. [M, WIP]
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Last Rose of Summer
The 4th of August, 1914 marks Aurora Carlisle's first birthday, and Downton Abbey is en fête. With the onset of another First on the same day, will it be the party that lives on in the family's memory? [K+, 3917 words; A Girl In Black-'verse]
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Little Women
Cora dreams for her girls. [G, 469 words]
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Love Nor Money
Mary and Richard are introduced at Cliveden for an obvious reason. [PG, 300 words]
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Richard celebrates a scoop with his secretary. An A Girl in Black outtake. [PG, 1353 words]
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Sexual Relations
Sybil confronts Mary about her sexual past, and reveals dreams of being a revolutionary in the bedroom as well as in the voting booth. [PG-13, 1449 words]
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*Winner: Highclere Awards, Jan-Feb 2012--Best Characterization, Sybil

Sin & Punishment
Lady Mary's crimes seem to keep finding new victims. [PG-13, 281 words]

Something Worth Having
When Mary moves to London to escape painful memories of Matthew at Downton, she must face more than grief as former suitors and her estranged sister come back into her life. [M, WIP, post-S3 AU]
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Spare the Rod
An old dispute with the Dowager Countess over parenting techniques comes to a head when the Crawley daughters test their boundaries and Lady Cora learns their darkest secrets. [PG, 4463 words]
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*Winner: Highclere Awards, Jan-Feb 2012--Best Characterization, Cora

After the awkward tea with the Crawleys, Richard tries not to think about Mary's odd behaviour, while Frida wants to discuss the possible reasons for it. An A Girl in Black outtake. [PG-13, 2839 words]
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Who We Are
A marriage of convenience. A business arrangement. That's what this is supposed to be. What she agreed to. What she can cope with. She can be a team. Partners. Lovers, even. But loved? By Sir Richard? Mary gets more than she bargained for; but is that a good thing? [PG-13, 3775 words]
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*Winner: Highclere Awards, Jan-Feb 2012--Best Novella, Best Mary/Richard